Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rose Knapp, Four Poems

The Tristesse of Madame Tard, 
image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Weiss Coltrane

River Iran Eins
Zwei steps drei 

Fier to the fleur
Fury Breakbeat 

Skits slits scats 
Roses may melt 

With zero Zeno
Emotion motion 

Becomes invented 
Futurist lights flights

Far beyond post 
Modern iron curtain

Plotinus on Fire in Tiananmen Square 

Hebraic Aramaic aromatic
Concrète Words gardens
De Stijls Spirals Bauhaus 

Clarity cleanses crosses 
White with of sectarian 
Sects with consistency 

Bulldozes Bare Stearns
Historical archives say
Way Fay books may

Or may not burn as
Subconscious Memes
Memories Tories Eve

Architectonic Forms
Fall Faux Fallacious 
Light match Māori

Blok Smoke Tosses 
A Molotov within 
From two thousand 

Digital miles away 
Witches still incite
Terrorizes America

Proofs without validity 
Soundness need not 
Singularity Apotheosis 

Andro In Medas’ Wastes

Rain drips onto Angeles 
Los wings fleur through 
Truth Mars freezes lithe

Orange Lantern Danse Macabre

Chinatown does not dance crowds 
Krauts encircling eyes dart
In-between Masses of laughter part

Respectable leather part crimsoned
Silk roads leading beyond

—Rose Knapp