Saturday, December 9, 2017

Charlie Onions, Six Poems

Babylon Kissed Out, image by Irene Koronas


Warts, false starts and synth lines
The fringe suits,
Like the DG he wants, needs, adores, pines,
For John Hughes,
Tight bedroom-devouz sourced from Itunes
Reviews, Gucci goody bags,
Good shoes, nice pens,
12 hens drawn up in a Chambord carriage,
No replay, Joe’s Garage quietens me
Back until I daren’t dream ‘bout marriage,
Or at lost boys in silk, watch that video
About milk in films,
More like films in milk ayy bab?
Lay back and learn their culture in the back of a taxi cab,
Second channel, man Sandy’s shining mad,
Roasted, Dubai stone,
Become by Mum and Dad, fuck life in tads, it’s half and drab.


Tube screwed, my Crest tastes like Slush Puppy,
Beat creature, hold fast shaft,
Think of eggs beaten, Bugs Runny,
Affect, take hugs then take money,
Heavy Canada, plush as my pillow,
Weighs a tonne, a,
Purge a half-decent Monday,
Fast harsh hard, lain on greased trays,
Ponder BO’s oldest daughter’s name,
Bet it’s wavy since she know who Joey B be,
Such a rogue, splattered
American home, ruptured pagination,
Hooped ring Dad I bought American
Vogue and the piano’s kicked so
I’ll have to leave in a mo,
At a dash,
In time hearts will bow.

N/A #2

Spelling things with eaux,
Time I’d like for that,
Figure out with crabs and a strat
What makes AOR such a blond-shade sex,
Does time jack off late ones out of
Favour for poor chore dodgers that really should
Know better but they do
Rue the day their dos got cancelled
And their dos got messed,
Play at me mook Saint Laurent,
Jab your feet on the ledge in case your fans attempt hanging on,
Dangling down, surging up right,
Calm it down with your fake dirty sprite,
The ones you leave behind will blind you right,
But do sit when your dead deaf and alone,
Cursing mountains, instead of Beetlejuice,
Sipping Axl, mimed Patron.

31/10/17 (Wake Up 31st)

More dreams,
More lava,
More life wedged amidst old friends,
Fucks, Riley dogs, daydreams amok,
With the remix at the edge of I,
Me, hips, you, end of the world,
Babylon kissed out,
Tripped a Charlie Brown by you,
So greet ’18 like ’12,
Rev up your twitch, christen your
Damian bastard, save yourself,
Wish back to sticky dial up
LOTR fiction picking up on Steven’s
Diction but stuff up with bik,
Because before you know it,
Xmas gets fucked by Richards, Kevins,
Tensions and dicks.

N/A #3

Tucked in in 5% evenings
Power in pussy being said
Fruit name and synth creeps past the
Chicken strung out and past the wings
Fuck did this rhyme with the last
Nevermind if not ‘cause the old tears
Are here
Sade smoothing over the potholes and past
Decadence in having a dry patch
No old-fashioned love like beauty spots
Or pubes in thatch
So why don’t you live for the
Same things that come formed?
Where’s this page gonna land
When degree’s daunts get chucked
Straight to the quicksand?
Back off too far then live through a backhand.

NA # 4

Commes Des Garçons Play
About around beneath vagina
Grasp that fuck fast don’t delay
Hum ‘round the mound bush crush
With eyeliner
Whisky works on teeth but doesn’t inform
Me my oh me on KMT
That’s a googleable offence
A fizzed up rather
The best rapper
Applaud me dense
‘Cause I fux with the vision
Lord wherever thou aren’t
Allow me and allow it to get
Dead set on a mission
For I love this shit
Dave Navarro’s in my Dads
And steady in my pit.

—Charlie Onions