Monday, December 12, 2016


Harmonic of Desire, image by AC Evans 


Ghost flesh whistles fix your sanctuary,
Live your life ahead of the rest – you are here;
Very exotic surrounded by showbiz stars al fresco style,
Play for free; advance warning of the ultimate cover-up.

Just try looking pensive and thoughtful, it often works.
You know, all moody, anxious and mysterious,
Like dress up in skulls, dead rats, cobwebs,
Candles, thunder and lightning, shellac nails.
Look into her eyes but avoid the dead planets.
Overnight ring road, one venue multicentre,
Come and see us today – divine touch, tracking
Everything but the soul or the harmonics of desire.
Walk, don’t walk, fix your sneak preview
Alignment, transfer red light access as much
As you like, curl up and cry; hush-hush boohoo.
Second hand enforcement voodoo cult movies,
Pop-up mansions packed with original remnants.
Hot hotter hottest! Morning afternoon (and evening
While dead planets drift through voids of ash),
Harmony skyline rehearsal – stop go stop go,
Rent-a-van and a lady, all-in for young people
Classique beauty, incredible range lush lounge special,
Best new available cleavage; freak-out situation,
Communicate with chips or retro photo electrical gizmos.
Cosmic headache, like, so famously strong bold and sweet.
A self-service horror emergency, a fresh opening.

So, grab it by the coconuts – I never say no!
It was a match made in hell, a seedy double life
Just you and him? It was all very spiritual and anonymous.
Do not speak, repeat do not speak, listen very carefully,

One hour people thrive on disaster, nerves, cracked screens,
Magical astrology, sulky cats, black velvet accessories.

We have this New Zero constellation mirror:
It all starts moving at the exploding cinema.

—AC Evans