Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wayne Mason, Anonymous Windows

Windows in Anon, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Anonymous Windows

              Ambivalent radio like long downtrodden depression. Purgatories
              build graveyards. We watch
   the clock as text. Sound as irreconcilable
         new devices.

Deconstruction with noise.
             tangible. Abstract) Much an unmarked post-structuralist.

 Spontaneous insidious volume. Here word measures the meekness and reckless
        linear infinity. What the consciousness?

           Define consciousness. Then both
    abstract) displacement.

              Sound bending multiplying a thread and slow eternity rang comfortably
    through manipulation.

I poetic by default.

I quiet anonymous windows.

                      I was simply this. I experimented with
                 existing violence?
Cryptic viruses back lit our Yin? Inscribed space grasps way founding occurred in the space
          for a physical contra(diction)

We were homogenized deconstructing art.

                            traps concerned by space

I and apathy

            Fill the deep void
                     squeezing out

     That arbitrary volume to silent
      ambivalent radio with an

entirely different vocabulary

—Wayne Mason