Sunday, January 17, 2016


The Estranged Attractor, image by AC Evans

(“I Am The Grinder”)

                                    Dual operation zoom experts
                                                have perfectly formed bodies
                                                liveliest test flash and…control
                                    Aspherical modelling
                                                fine grain and stylish
                                                but interchangeable
                                    Shadow details:
                                    Sliding doors in the evening light. Point.
                                    “I am the grinder”.

                                    Details sliding at first sight
                                                in the evening speed of light
                                                detailed shadows
                                    But interchangeable
                                                stylish fine grained
                                                aspherical control test…control
                                    Flash body formed:
                                                perfect zoom expert
                                                dual operation. Point.
                                    “I am the grinder”.



With grit in the knickers you name it we’ve got it
a voice, a Dalek in a wheelchair, a 3D Noddy and
a whole world of amusements.
Looking both ways escapades in city and other famous hotspots
what sort of mind dreams that up as a party piece?
On the Sharon (Stone) right away bolt hammer flu victim and
Boiiiiing! Here we all are in a purpose-built mansion,
a ‘Pink Palace’ in Theydon Bois where else?


Hand-finished winter special walkabouts
true taste magic moments wah-wah sirens
smooth security patrols apocalypse coming lend a hand!
Sharp smashing rave-up scenarios impervious to damage
uncertainty of chance leather jacket Pavlova’s dogs.
Discover her secrets her minimalist Z-up


Meet the stars outrageous under fire
musical comedy touch and go
would you/wouldn’t you say ‘yes’ to the odd meaningless encounter?
Pass it on. One-legged pervert vanishes into the night.
A spiritual healer visits the lads at North Greenwich Tube next to The Millennium Dome
-          they wrap her round a Yamaha R1 100
and start messing about with spanners and ratchets back of crane-grab
bin liners worn over cycling shorts just the thing flowers of fire sombre skies.
The Lords may rule…The Lords may…


Surrounded by fat wheezy blokes in late middle age
(manic and manipulative)
endless CCTV footage probably sooner rather than later
(icy bitch find the switch)
across erased time masochist mode giveaway getaway
infamous street like Reeperbahn


screamed “ICY BITCH…” like no tomorrow
Wannabe Poshsportyscarybaby?
Wannabe Ally? Wannabe Buffy?
Wrong move I guess Omega is equal to or greater than One.
No one knows how


white rose winter femina alba mutilated kids shift product
chief executive grinned cruel mirthless market-driven smile
behind his shiny desk fabulous paperweight
arse-kissing gun-totting boffo locals fall in line for groupie abuse
quiet shy sensitive bored teenagers get plastic dope hooters
when all they want is to be saved from growing up here


in Tiger Bay Drone City West
 rotten floorboards broken windows
weird messages in the barcodes share dreams:
fantasies of Glastonbury pubs shopping hugs poetry
laughter soul-mates astrology
giggling gingers loveable schoolgirls possibly gay


escape from here
with foxy intelligent hippie ladies – anything
goes. Anything.



In the mind’s eye a Dream Fractal is a way of seeing infinity
all the mirrors on Earth but none of them reflect me
imagine a dreamscape posthuman era
long chats chemistry passion undercover mission
find Estranged Attractor exit mainstream

                                    The Lords may rule…The Lords may burn…

Act in The Void beautifully gratuitous
flurry of lexical mixology & techno text
lurid fusion
appearance of Store Detective From The Future
Omega Lightning
frightening blinked in strange Earthlight where am I?
Structure treatment motifs theme context all unfamiliar territory
no plan from Dr. Hexagon
helter skelter Riot Grrrls reinvent metaphysics no knickers
emit laser death-ray
post implosion condition of contemporary culture
tunnel of hate slipped her a fiver

                                    The Lords may rule…The Lords may burn…

                                    Blasphemies anything/ something sombre skies
‘nice bloke’ but fiery and salacious
Strobe Magnum in Drone City beyond Hollow Hills
notoriously elegant (coat and shirt both second-hand)
leery beer boys in bad make-up prowl stratosphere
probing for her toggled draw-string memories
bizarre communications
 highlight obscure nature of turbulence

                                    The Lords may rule…The Lords may burn…

Find wave function of all dreams everywhere
sort of sub-atomic event. Perhaps…


Behind the line as if by magic (those junkyard hymns)
watch out live rail explodes mysterious numbers
pornography of public obscenity
pylon legs low buildings steps up grass bank
darkened colonnades escalator of love secret life
of multi-storey car parks
empty back-streets high rise phantasms spectral walkways
spiralling into the gloom flooded fields distant trees
still waters
so deep… so deep…


 I knew the Estranged Attractor lived in phased-out space
yo-yo-ing up and down round and round here there and everywhere
 turn on ball of foot, derisory, ruthless laugh. Overcast sky.
            In walked this canny old wizard sorta like Gandalf the Grey
 in an ankle-length sixties maxi-coat. Rainbow path (night was falling)
dilapidated caravan, two dish aerials, take out the guesswork, open the candy box,
phone the signalman, read a good book, cut a long story short. So, 
they blew their minds nervous tick tock tick tock tick tick tick
…and Booooom! Jet Wash Here.
            No drama school for scandal g-g-g-git off git up git out git going
git it in your soul, angel polished my windscreen. Somewhere questions were asked. 
Frosted grass early morning head in noose hint of desperation
 such modesty butters no parsnips. Stumped humped thumped and a –
            I knew the Estranged Attractor lived…(reprise)


I reeeeeally am a true twentieth century girl
a futuristic beauty, a swinging dolly with
va-va-voom body language
and cutie-cutie baby-doll looks:
so I gulped down a Chinese Lantern
slipped in a Birdy Breeze Block,
dragged out my bi-stretch zip-suit,
my eighteen carat gold-plated rope-chain,
my up-to-the-minute zig-zag top,
my best split skirt
with loop backs, all-over sequins,
padded micro-fibre hips and flared, detachable snaffle-bars,
my luxury unisex fleece-wraps and chain-link razor-wire rocket lamps.
            The outfit was permanent and painless;
it had a titanesque surreality
and plenty of eyesores – if only you knew.


Where are you?
Actually I bought this in Ibiza at Popcorn Utopia
a pop cornucopia next to Acid Heaven
hot-pants little shorts catsuits
faux-femmes on the borderline
array of jocks smorgasbord of beefcake
goosey-goosey gander
forbidden grooves and hands-in-the-air anthemic chart choons.
Trail of destruction left by loony lodger on run from one-off party night ‘ceremony’    happy hour mystic crafts crystal balls and tarot/ rune consultations.
The ultimate in stylish hidden agendas
descent into colourful language (zoinkkkk!!!) no chaser.

Off centre nympho purist launched in a blaze of glory
(but feeling like a strand of overcooked spaghetti)
 I ran through a hundred positions:
cobbled courtyards shadowy cloisters clunk and you’ll miss it
re-mix the night sounds morbid but it’s beautiful just beautiful.
I spoke out and was branded a jam roly-poly, treated like a piece of shit
by the goons on the door, told to die young stay pretty unassuming
incorporate the reverse geometry of doomy displaced urban settings.
Love my platforms.

Am I a wave? Am I a particle? I live on borrowed time…
The Lords may…zapped by a –

--AC Evans