Monday, September 28, 2020

Michael Mc Aloran, from “nothing ever” #2


Untitled, Michael Mc Aloran 
(Acrylic on unprimed canvas/122 x 155cm)

from “nothing ever” #2



…was the taxed parameter of skyline breath of once intake exhale in foreign drag of corpsal light through the vacancy of ever known forgotten in an instanced breath haven of what which spill of the drag what purpose final as composure stillness of eye & out of which what fallen shards of frozen meat in cavalcade redress wild edge of night to embrace as abattoir silences cascade throughout as wounds to breach tear in an aftermath of solace weight of some absolute abort it pares away the teeth of emblem lightless barren where once shattered concrete ocular to rove throughout given from out of solace haven dispel shadow across the gaping orifice of spell it all out nothing of the matter lessened ever as if to collect the bones the teeth skinned of purpose hollowed out the forage ever as from where to breathe is to simulacrum film upon weightless dressage where blessed terse is the fallen crux of bestowed upon garotted sunlight asked of never once answered stillness to breach echo-light to vertigo presence absence all called ashore where to follow lack trace of footsteps taken through rotting pulse bulb diameter fixed upon where pupil of to gaze in the reek of silence where no sounds abide still-born the nothingness of having been of being in elected to this of follow it through until claimed a blade to the throat of exist syllabus cold shoulder have of which echo-echo redempt nothing of the birthed what shadowing effortless to torn from the skyline of recollect fallen forage nothing ever of to measure as blind-sighted where to of the silence of never having been locked to the closed fist that pummels the else of essence spectral as cast upon a bare white wall of release the wolves the hyenic conglomeration spill of ejaculate in voidal null as if to collide where to of which seasons that drift throughout across the denuded shadowing of filament exigent collision broken bodies cold flesh as words cascade unto to drag the pregnant weight of collapse it din reclusion solace in the afterglow of meat throughout spasm upon reckless headless devour a cold wind of ever-closure open up until where to dream of is to dieth a little else of more than what structure bathes in the milk of blood a tense will obscure collects the passage of bone dice scattered as if to measure nothing as before colourless distance the obscene pulse striata of carnival haven of rot to pierce the flight from as once was in of which to collect repeats the circus phlegm spat in the face a cadaverine occult the flayed canine laughter of breathe of what will redeems says no of nothing ever of where once spoken of what lack to brace recollects the ever of what once where features of which collide never of the vital essence amphetamine shit in the veins of rapture the white of the eyes revealed a noose snares the throat of being ever from the commence until slaughterhouse landscape births one thousands butterflies razor wings ablaze in seizure none/ none of which ever transitory fallen upon the blade of the outset shears throughout where no wound closeth ever until all lights snuffed out fathom less than of what in senseless collectively fucking the lungs of haven as if to breach where to roundelay a bird in the bush neither of the hands that grip for the throat of all that once came restless light of the once undone as to utter once of the stains that collect the pelts the rat’s night crusade of which bitten to the core incision marks the restless bones to vibrate in pageant lack breakage of the silt that coats the skin of murmurs the bled sun artery rip from lapse it lung to coat the bodily obscure of nothing ever ever none of which cleft the sanded realms char excise a collective of footprints smeared out by the wind’s obsolete blind pare away of secretive never a trace to build as flay what carcass ever once of haven entourage the funereal procession of a slash-mark smile that extends from one horizon to the other bled will out of the insanity cold sweat pasture of to the the toothen edge aligned by bloodless covering the char of ashen promise whereof to sing from the base whore’s lungs cast across the surgeon’s table a reckless dirge of echoing of where speech a regrettable night ever-vast to stretch from fathom none to none of fathom where to patience of the weight until closure orifice spray of distended blood ochre ocular kicking the dust from the elected to this without origin the silence of never having been a vibrate in the skull of the dead pulse shattering within the tension surface false start begins again yet no merely of to replicate colours the like of which a blood-stain from a lacerated limbs bare bones to expose where bitten of colourless lapse of meat echo-vibrate a striate of paranoical child’s bones to breach where surface align is at the nucleus of given speech dies of which in the fallen light the dim ocular roving what matter it falls upon ever nothing once twice nay unto follow to element scar attrition absolution no it follows after the final carcass colouring the beauty of discoloured flesh sings to the overture of carrion flies as hangeth all sung forgotten never of the once till collectively fucking the night from the ongoing sentence to bled dry as bone sudden death of absence sky turn of will the reek of breathe non-else a spasm a roundelay of naught redeems the surrogate farewell it strips the blood the harlot nocturne closure of what will seasoned to trace as the body fades to silent rupture a razor demise where to once wrought exigent collapse striate of once as if to collect seasoned whereof…

(…broken emblems of eye line the sands where the bones of breath are a teasement of desire & avaricious intent an incapacity a spurious collision of extension as skinned of weight all along it matters little a before an aftermath a collage of sickness scattered aloft from the lungs of given ever nothing of it as a mockery of teeth trace violent colourings of a slaughterhouse breathe of what nectar eyeline flung to the hyenic laughter speechless tint closure of some other wound a breakage of vacant solace collects in haven nothingness to carve the adroit ever to dispel mocking the wound to a collapse of furious intend in an abort of echoing silences…)…

Michael Mc Aloran