Monday, September 14, 2020

JD Nelson, Selected Work

  Jumpy the Brain, image by Irene Koronas

you and jumpy the brain
the shark is a bus of the rotten hand
here are the new wise men
a friend of the toast trying to sleep
why is there no dust?
this one is the wrench of the sleeping answer
that rose of the pliers
the iron of the same spark
to show us another life
squirrel dangle hat of lars
too much of the box not slinking
with that seven of the hearts
the power of the doll to roost
or else elati
the moon sounds
low & now
it cooks world-fast
dollars & snails
& now a vitamin sandwich
a stack of wyoming hot cakes
it’s a skull eating spaghetti
ogh ogh the well
I ain’t got a pair o’ boots
not like you cowboys
            up in them pine trees
            with your hoot calls
the latest in head tech for country mice
when I return with that spinach of the rock
if you shoe noodle the power to see a burping word handler
that means that the control is a dusk of the wonton soup
            a ritual of the mice
surfing rabbit was a hilton
the sword of the cannibal frost
we get in the middle of the pirate storm to watch denver win again
nothing starches a randy like that old feather world
we need that miracle snout to grant us the time in lemons
the better hank of the same old wire
to standardize the luncheon
that clay clump is the wow
up steak was a formal denver
the craving for the wooded finger method
certain martians on that creature roster
when I was a smaller fish
that raw bacon at the lunch counter
the apples are in the sink
the sort of parents a tree has
you, you a certain piper
the world is a cracked ashtray
sending me a face to work for the three hands
when you return with the blue sun
when you are a bumbling crow
to the big-brained apes:
we sink to sloat the feeling now
something better than a clock for the reef in the sea
that bacon is north of here
unique western saliva
to become a sun
the why and the eh
the morning is the time for the world to eat
the whispering time to cry for the forest here
when we study the basic non of the apple in tears again
the sound of the horse is a world of the rocks
the bright land of three hammers
the period of three hammers is the gout to answer the phone
to cone up the myriad forest systems
the last laugh of the cloud giant
after the cannibal joust we can surf the seas
the rabbit could clock that flower in the hay
to prevent that paper from escaping
that sauce is automatic
stagnant yes is the wolf of cereal creaking
your carbon my carbon so what is a landfill
the stomach of the bee
the skull of the feather machine
the underlined scone
the serious lector otter
that could be the nelson of the liver
hearing that land is the night of the stomach
a clam of the night for the james in that peach
to be the sun and moon now for weeds
to listen for a weekly unit of the snake now
the hard luck watermelon to start the war
we are nice to the snow
scandal was a cleo of the hare
mary in the barn of course
this is the shape of the wind
the fred of the wind of winston
the broken tree is the calm worm
the bread of the manor to be toasted
the challenge of the rose to be the shingle
a fresh onion of the people
the name of the rice to pie
that controlled hand of the light
to be the voice of the ceiling

—JD Nelson