Monday, August 12, 2019

Heller Levinson, excerpts from SEEP

Pastel pigment on cotton paper

among suggestion
follow the lead                        stop-gaps
correct behavior only goes so far.
perplexity & the art of complication.
obedience suffers from sensory deprivation.
telling misguides.
only after the betrayal could stabilizers be
put into place.

among meander
peripatetic plurality                 spool-through
                        splinter scree
                        spiked ceremonial
in the peregrination of spirit
premise dart        suggestivity lopside

upon reflection a thing of the past almost upon us the flavor far off verging on territory how much is a healthy cutback the sleave of thieves munching on orchestra random like fruit salad like crushed ice like hyperbole like science in a lady’s underwear drawer pledge the art of disrobe paint the tires the pace of displace on the heel of these matters
find something in
your size

circumstantially there was no debate the put upon up for grabs scrabble scurry scansion intercept casually the road molested clothes washing dishevel stitchery fragile rarely on the side of right sightings in the blind indisputably the reign of kings rains upon uprisings surprising’s how much compensation is love or beside the point the settlements less dwelling than

from here goes

could it be otherwise.  marching to conclusions that bias from soil baked in carrot canoe fancy the clash is river medicinal moon girl pleasantries when so much up for grabs despots multiply rooms empty the chairs are noisy though comfortable

would you please consider an alternative at this point in time there is no room the openings cross-eyed hatch first before multiplication formulaic cascade risk factor confabulation the thrill of racing cars it doesn’t get any better than this a moment of prayer please

spices from the East.  luxury liners.  prior to forgetting memory flooded over. 
forgetting:  where the very disappearance of the disappeared is forgotten.
how much of

—Heller Levinson