Thursday, May 23, 2019

JD Nelson, Selected Work

Erasing Gh_s_s, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

ghost chuffing not lanternish

earth was ready long ago

at the bat faire
it was blake on a bucking horse         
demanding a swanson’s hungry man dinner

& our boots were by the front door on newspaper

the rooster cloud

what’s in the package, container smith?

asked the gilled whisperer,
thinking of the dream green

& to eat with the sunrise adelphia –

eyes on breakfast now

the old puzzle box face

smack nabbit on dristan

to go thru the wall – I did,
& look at me now!

why not, mister mum?
right now, with your fellow ants

            the loner machine
            a speaking part

why the daw-daw?
creatures unfold like dollar bills

a quark display and neat teeth

the slim opening for coin sloot
nebber using a differfish for that

& the ampersanding hurryup
the jubilant quack

a yellow cotton tunic
the usual earthwear

using the underlined headloom

the cowboy of the old west was an alien being

now he is demanding a downloadable goose for the haven

striped like time
a green and a red
with thin yellow in-between
now I see it

it was a large land whale
the kind of thing in the dark

gamblin’ sam & copperhead

& bags of trash for the ocean

we all need an egg of gold

look at mine
it’s all shiny

side cloud
I said clown
ok side clown
that’s better

move thru the wall like a watermelon

—JD Nelson