Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Daniel Y. Harris, excerpts 3.5, 3.6 from The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic

The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic (Volume III, The Posthuman Series),
manuscript cover image by Daniel Y. Harris  

excerpts 3.5, 3.6 
from The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic


safe passé trax, the serial, modular, esthetic
kudzu a soigné edited craft. Resonant
plosives, free from error and ennui,
                a De fine hujus libri, bitter marah OID: ., but the Quixote itself. $iaddr = inet_
aton($target)   || die(“Error: $!\n”). Who? Madame Saphir,
the clairvoyant in the rue Taine. Blame projectiles
                hurled by elves. Never use trolldómr as a blanket term
> myfun5 <- function(x, n=
xlen) { xlen <- length(x); ...}. Haste
is futile, viz. charity. Believers in the fire, send
(SOCKET,“$sploit\015\012”, 0) || die(“Error: $!\n”);
keep it up, progs! Genetic drifts
are copied twice. Which indexicality
did Mrs. Malapropos use? Joycean tachyons,
8.3.29 BATCH failure. Local movements are alterations.
                N. blood, ichor, claret; execl(“/usr/local/bin/BitchX”,
“BitchX” ,“-c”, buffer, 0); or produce territorials, vindex
or assertor, creates a mess. Better, less than hillbilly billabong
with dented snuffbox or was it a gold slipcase? Pornotopia,
                our relation in Multiphasic Personality Inventory:
(Ambit 44 [1970]: 9–11). Figure 5.2: The substitution operation
in TAG connects Selbstchändung, not hanging
edicts from anecdotes <table bgcolor=#99CCFF
border=0 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=0 width=90%>
                the Pauline prophecy. Emerge topside, fashion
panpipe, the end crowns breast tissue. Ptosis without    
hypertrophy, marked with Bonney’s blue, greatcoat suck  
and αcopula_adj. Why Not Sneeze, Rose Sélavy? The cock
in its urethane veneer fprintf(stderr,“RWhoisd remote exploit
                v%.1f by MooØ\n”,VERSION), is authored
by Aristide Torchia and Manat, the third. Bargain
(formae subsistentes), fetters in Château de Ferrières, 


brace ventilation, the black disc - go get golang.org/x/tools/
cmd/cover, on salvers, however proud. Counterfeiters
are preordained, haul up,
crux in vow, bitumen. Ogling the oblong
                with nine dignities, puns confer func caprver
(right uint64) int {La Révélation d’Hermès Trismégistes},
porphyry or agate precedes as rule. Trolls set lords. 
Entorsion speed’s taut tremor bets vex, faith safe. Code
name: Blackbriar. BhoBho-TT-pf H-TT — BhoBho-T
                T-Nsh [thsss], car a parlar avem Deu return fmt.Errorf
(“bad rights version %d”, capver(rights)), com is falsified.   
Split they rive, import the seiðr 8.3.30 corrupted .RData’s
Angel Gabriel: ecce ancilla domini, stratic or interstratic?
                Then, jutting calvaries. Now, err = unix.Fchmodat
(unix.AT_FDCWD, “symlink1”, 0444, 0), false annals, sets
loop in spandex, tic as repeat. Next, the bivalent in harsh O’s.
Rebuke glare. Caulk a footnote with Zoroastrian
                magi, buoyant on blink. (How is a hover.) T.Fatalf
(“Fchmodat: unexpected error: %v, expected EOPNOTSUPP”,
err), guard pin or berant part, collection + agent suffix. Mulch
larvae in the trope, despite its clientele, Uzzah fears the Ark.
                Fidelitas is shiny armor as résurrections
du passé. Ills list. V, err := unix.IoctlGetInt(int(f.Fd()),
unix.RNDGETENTCNT), diffuses parology, subjected
by Mr. Knott, or by precarity, kinship. Triumph reinscribes
adjacent but not made, le plagiat. Art thou an Ephraimite?
                Slippery directive if(/^([0-9]+)\s+STD\s+
(NOLOCK\s+)?({ \S+\s+\*?(\w+).*)$/){tumtum tiddy tum,
rapid nasal stops: bunt, bunt, bunt // 7 %. Late in hyoid
frantic, H—, R—, and W— fire up.
                Enter oblique. Recast the plaint. Chthonic
gods conflate, if err := unix.Madvise(b, unix.MADV
_DONTNEED); err != nil {even annihilate for the V

—Daniel Y. Harris