Saturday, April 13, 2019

Irene Koronas, excerpts from holyrit

holyrit, manuscript cover image by Irene Koronas

excerpts from holyrit 
(Volume IV, The Grammaton Series

1000 saints

triangle blade; z shape. handle. a mismention
stab at reconstruct: antique lover heightens
back lineament, cheek canyons, hidden linen,
an iron gate embroidered with rumors. cipher
on the latch. opaque fist spit. directions,
red letter start. slip gone down rear. wooden
blind. hammer and dirty mail. polish tat tat.
cover his hair nat. wall prayers, seal his lips.

rag tail sleeves lit open and particles hang
over, you see. perverse virgins. earring nose,
a mind kidnap. mad women. mad men decide.
over ween. could he be bound in a nutshell
or billboard con-flick. botox forehead

chapter 10

bric a brac infinity. portraits
in frontal yellow
kill frames. devotion

we lunch with delia, clio,
jasper and satin. her poodle
rim dog
hands on his ass in ¾ view

chapter 10 ½

stoop. walk. outskirt the west.
sign trapeze jumps. picture them
in a watchtower and cellphone.
hike. brandy slurs. almost
every thin in need in vain touch
a sniff launch apologia witless,
the saints march, sans reclama.
twin state. apostrophe. pretty facts
boor pockets. jackknife. slay
pedestrian green dinner plates

chapter 12

                    attic points

chapter 24


an ocular lie on tile floor
insane pounce on keys, easy
enough to do. multum in parvo

center beam signifies 4 faces
on glass, 2 centimeters in diameter.

ferment pliny

en soph

within short glass she
stands fully dressed in sunday
eggs. her’s a vermillion wash.
the raven vault with marble
teeth. outrage as well as fog
blurs, differs hector in rain

chapter 4

dihedral angle.

vivid circuit satyrs
listen in hexameters
in sling worship they turn
water into tigers into the
yellow pages 3: each face
faces up 4: open and shut
5: or not

chapter 7

flex defense again prenatal
canal with geraniums, a tuck
and pull cheek

genesis tells
us to begin to blow. pantomime.
large unitarian accidents, cord
lineage, possess lots, goody
two shoes. no belief. no telephone
graves on the corner. after
noon perfidy


chapter 9

spare rib without extraction-
adam’s apple bob

                  20 birds

ergo. she shops at least
twice a week. not once. he lay
under an olive tree sweating
bullets. he waits for the mother
of god to please her. she returns
with bag acts


hand me that coffin. one side
of the treat. you wave goodbye.
over weight walk back. he calls
his ripe, sancho

—Irene Koronas