Monday, April 8, 2019

Daniel C. Morris, Against Declinism

ihumanitatis, image by Daniel Y. Harris  

Against Declinism

Welcome to my working week, brain ablaze postdoc:  

Specter of spectral presumed tenure
Shortness of breath group kinesthetics,
Volk Sports Management Cybersecurity Tech --

Sonny says, “Want it! You drive me like a cream dream Chevrolet…”

Post Duke Post Ironic Oughts,
Son of Jameson salaams “Neglected Blues”:

Du bist mir immer willkommen.
Das ist eine willkommene Gelegenheit. 

Signaling solidarity, Sonny slots
A dialogue box into translucent panes, awakening
Volk Tech glass corner officers.

Sonny and me become a we who study
Techweens as isolate phenomena.

We purloin “problematized populism.”
We nick institutional time, filching futures.
We despair for Distinguished Civil Engineers.
We clap because we have plenty of hands to spare.
We are underemployed, but not among the lonely only.

They, not Sonny and me, depreciate to one percent.

—Daniel C. Morris