Friday, June 29, 2018

Nathan Spoon & Myla Thomas Fairchild, The Jubilation of Air

Drum Fire Harmony
(acrylic, paper and pencil on paper; 11 ¼ x 15) 
image by Nathan Spoon  

The Jubilation of Air

RELEASED clouds and tiny gaps
of old buildings of winter.
No sign of the sun?

I wish I could be
inside a raindrop
replenished with the storm

and lighthearted! Finally
reaching one another first
in free harmonious clumsiness, *glee*.

and explore the cracks as I would love to
by my dance with the rain. How
The earth is just a cold, wet wind enveloped

by grass blades and lonely, eager
seeds that somehow stare out
of the glass cage, and watch the earth 

waiting my arrival.
Thirsts slight, lipid pools. I the leaves
frolic, and I observe as with a subtle in a jittery run.

welcomes me new the join YES, creating life
by small touch. be as I land
my quenched home.

―Nathan Spoon & Myla Thomas Fairchild