Monday, July 31, 2017

Felino A. Soriano, from Sedentary Fathoms

Ark of the Covenant, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

from Sedentary Fathoms

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section eighty-four|

   Alone, I said what I needed: breath
  buried within speech            within speckled adulation.  As
                                      you arrived my
          curled in
   -to an ornate rendition of abbreviated
 hearsay: your knowing cannot
  what my closed mouth, though
    filled with the jazz of a dragonfly’s abscond¾

               wondering of a deity’s circular affirmation


Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section eighty-five|

      Incinerated noise,
  return of an incomplete ghost-,
   mine, or what isn’t yet
         fully my skeletal-history

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section eighty-six|

   Granted access,
 we’ve done so to those
     following tongue-first, (taste-searching paradigm, eloping into elation)
  inward-interior fragmented
                         searching for
     full meaning in the context of unheard explosive acclimated whereabouts.  Silence
 holds my
  knowing, knows
      its persuasion pulses rhythms
   a jazz of tomorrow’s incompatible     solos

             particular brands of inertia have left our welcome

                                       left to consume
                     what’s burned in the lung of developed misinformation

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section eighty-seven|

  Improvisational numerical order          improvised amounts in ornate contemplation

                    is the age       my father returns                             one year following fragrance of his unexpected absence, surname erasure left
    to ornate the writing my right hand uses to display my own generational


     soon my mirror will recognize me, again                   its radial syllables spelling
     focus onto what is meant when the
     dragonfly returns amid tamer turquoise
attire, softened, a flight-whisper ornamentation and
     the whole of my healing will delve into explanation,
                                                                                      philosophy of unimpeded identities

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section eighty-eight|

  Older, we were
 ¾was it when the wind died
toward ground’s brown, unwat
 -ered signature?  We signed ourselves
    with surnames’ routine emphasis.  Recall the patterned interpretation of
               contoured     syllabic

                             Age is
            what accompanies us in a paralleling math; prose, too,
its synonyms found as we excavate
    last year’s meaning
   last mentioned during a death
         awareness of a hymnal reenactment

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section eighty-nine|

   After what was left
 nothing spatial can
    ignite an eyeing rendition to
     configure improvised digestion, capable modalities of tonal continuity.  Trigger fallacy     tightened figments
                       ornate and subtle
                                   -crossing the good eye going gray     going unintended.

          Removed rhythms
     each wing a wounded syllable
            misspelling purpose and collocated reflections

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section ninety|

  We name forms to __________.  Numerate
 their skeletal
           rhythms, the _______
    named first from
  hands’ foundational
                      shaping diagrams.  ________, thus
    guides and dislodges what
 an organic wind awakens to: _______,

        finding then in a later moment
      truth in an introspective fathom and

                           open avouchment

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section ninety-one|

  As if it were to memorize me,
such illness discolored my fingertips my
    involvement with a faithful touch of language of layered pianoing.  Awakened now though I am,
 was it only for the months dedicated to an eye-chase of moths discovering
   pigmented nuances of this summer’s exterior normality     pluralized 

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section ninety-two|

    But ending, why say it?  It? 
  Stated, this is what ornamentation means when allowed to December itself
       within a mirror of recollection and
  documented cliché.  When ending
                                  what uses an olden recovery tool: wound/heal/pink-rise(scar) philosophy intellect. 
                                              Said of the jazz earliest
come first, morning served, paused causal newborn elation, the smile sleeps only when the body expands and reconfigures the why of inventive beginnings

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section ninety-three|

  Changes borderline     unsaved, stilled and
 uncomfortable amid this hour’s constant
     change toward advancing age, arch
-itectural knowledge. 

                                   Each piano around me splays tongue
                                 reaches my inward glare toward a mirror of
                                    reaction and accidental consequence.

         Said of my listening, what was wind
     my thinking yelled within the confines of silent
           breath holding paused hands.  Predetermined
       speech    the break of syllables
   arranging what time meant when stopping
         prior to death or the advent of a communicating
    behavior.  Language, desolate.  Longtime desire
                                  a neoteric stone halved in heaviness and the absence of tolerable commitment

 —Felino A. Soriano

Felino A. Soriano was awarded the 2017 erbacce-prize for poetry.  His writings appear in CHURN, BlazeVOX, 3:AM Magazine, The National Poetry Review, Small Po[r]tions, and elsewhere.  His books of poetry include Acclimated Recollections (2017),Vocal Apparitions: New & Selected Poems: 2012 – 2016 (2016), sparse anatomies of single antecedents (2015), Of isolated limning (2014), Pathos|particular invocation (2013), Of language|s| the rain speaks (2012), Intentions of Aligned Demarcations (2011), In Praise of Absolute Interpretation (2010), Construed Implications (2009), and Among the Interrogated (2008).  His collaborative collection Quintet Dialogues: translating introspection, which features visual art from David Allen Reed, is forthcoming from Howling Dog Press.

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