Thursday, July 13, 2017


Untitled, image by Bas de Gids 


it is unbelievably hot and the forth, fifth, in a series of heatwaves
the extreme amplitudinous amassments we shall now, henceforth,
call “climatelessness” while in the emotional athmospheres it is as
it was: the incessant tribulations and capriciocities en haute voltage

the heat has been shut off with curtains and has been moved with
the ventilator as it has been invited with open rooms and doors for
a sense of 'fresh air' but the openings again, shut off with curtains
and carefully placed linens to prevent mosquito's coming swarming

let them swarm outside where there is lesser and lesser presence
of either the insectoid as aviary as mammalian animals except for
humanity of course which in its whole quadruples every X hereby
satiating the market of liveability and even the plants took offense

this biodiverse artificial shifting is due to the ‘climatelessness’ adrift
as southern zoology and botany comes north yet it goes even further:
airtraveling all littler and more embonpoint sightlier are organisms
the world over morphs ecology in disecology shadowing dispolitics

the politics of the toddlers shall be overshadowed by climatechange
and exiting worldprogrammes shall not be beneficial for neither an
elongated toddler or prop-blow-nylon doll with tuft of pubic hair on
his hilarious head morphed both by as constituting climatelessness

the public sphere then emptied out by what originated these lands
zoosophisticated and botanical imminent wisdombearers gone wind
wise the public sphere annexated by public and streetfurniture with
rims of miles and miles of freeways as roads to the dystope acenters


the, Shelley, Byron, Rimbaud, Whitman, Dickinson, Colette, Carole King,
search for beauty, Sappho, seems an eternal one and what did they to keep
society out or incorporated it as to paralyse its ugly features, under which
narcotic spell were they that they suceeded to let beauty prevail a frail veil

on parchment papyrus paper on the screen we see signs, Li Po also Lao Tse,
which each cradle a designation to something in world and time, and these
linguistic characteristics immediately start to imminently ferment the words
by the words;characters in calligraphic slidings,coptic design density/dented

seeking nitro beauty at the precious dentistry instrumentaria deck / dock all
suffused in anxiety to the drill to the molar, the thrill of clac clac (occlusion)
and hydrophobe waxens to take a bite out to acquire new dents new signs of
health or, and, getting older. the coptic cake consumed with fervor and taste

how do we capture that breeze toothpaste smile is this a breeze of beauty of
now or has artificiality annexed our space of life robbed us from the bees do
we develop artificial honey with the same viscosity with oversweet pumped
tits silicone taste to at least have the feeling of ecology and art Brasilia-ish

this morning at 5am I stood in the kitchen and heard the growl of the traffic
of this, in fact, 200 million city (see global nightmap below) while I took my
12 items of medication and there was a kind of rainy beauty in this the grass
happier after the draughts: rhizomes under the earth as much thriving above

—Aad de Gids