Monday, October 26, 2020

Michael Mc Aloran, from “nothing ever” #3

 Untitled, Michael Mc Aloran 
(Acrylic on unprimed canvas/122 x 155cm)

from “nothing ever” #3



…zone vault erasure bloodshed cell shard of expels dead laughter a body broken stone efficacy blind repeater absence burn black sentience of elected to door slams shut in gait of which taken from distance echo of ever stone light burnish hollow oxide stillness were to breach vapours of which to collect in barren lights vertigo of shed pelts yet nothing ever as before where night to caress fallen obscure till of what signature silence ashen expect as to be what nothing of accord of final overture shadow-lock dried essence to peel away from striate of solace ever colours of which once known to fade into an extinct of obscure devour whereof exigent of what haven promise nothing of where recollect strip light it breatheth film to denude a corpse of final judgement what will done overture of nothing ever to collect where bones of certitude lay to rot in outstretch of landscape devoid of detail pulse spent shrapnel echos out from lack of which taken from what given of until strikes a match inglorious to follow exposed but for an instance final traceless of dim record birthed of never once ever flay wind turn of lapse obscure as meat violent reveal cold dice a tumult of frenzy light excise scar tissue breath dislodge colours of which in like what spasm collide opulent night long distance short snap shut abort it turns light insert reclaim utters none recede breath spoken lock unto foreign of dissolve it too bleeds out in it of lack echo night of accord as on it carrieth broke bone pissoir absenteeism shard white lack return unto where breath forsake all sung it know/ it forgotte(n) drag of corpsal wind to taste flay of which corridor waste breath wastage of shouldered the cross of breath hunger avarice collapse into what breathless gnarl extricate headless attrition meld colour of which die down echo repeat it fade of out whereby to unto nothing forage cold dice to flow aptitude for psychosial extent of which driven reflect expel of meat collision repertoire all what said unsaid ever of reflect of white cell bloodshed lapse it till of which repeats it nothing of what matter now it floweth an open sewer of scum division breathless tint of sun to illuminate where pageant frenzy can only never of to which fingers to outreach of to unto void nothing of in ever solace collapse weight forage furtive rescind steps never once colourless abandon breakage point what redress as to burn in black weight is to nocturne carnivale extend carousel music-box of nothing ever terse will winds to caress cataract blood-spill it speaketh laughter of an unsung pulse white light flash surface exposed tension to bite is to bleed of in rag & bone recoil from where passage from naught till obsolete is to beckon fragratory entity solace absence final gone ever of forgotte(n) tidal once less than was before of nothing ever shadow of breathe where tint of closure shadow nothing of where to absence bone warp of pulse bulb ideation to expel catacomb depth ever of to which what forth null & voidal burn black weightless dislocate in foreign laughter of where to of to of to/ 0/ concrete nullity breaketh spill of foreign speech embrace as words die out reclamation no film to pierce reveal of where lense smear across of which strung up bled dry from orificial wounds spectre of final to vibrate in so much of entity whispers of being to collect in gutters of ashen promise final as before whereby to sink into where scum erasure a pit of lapse until where lack breathe shadow collision is to reflect upon where gait absent as before to collage broken light crack frozen upon in sliver sound of claustrophobe where to of in which it out-spill of candelabra night extinguish all known properties as on it transpire lacking as before of what want of which nothing of matter if nor for comes to forth of collect spasm outspoke cold as of what dawn precede as outstretch ever-night to suffocate in blind outreach till obsolete claim upon where distance shatter it this flay from one nor other crack bone suck of marrow taste attrition tint in respoke dead traces to blossom in spoke from which haven to colour it in of which lapse of what will to terse as reclaim echo of once neither perhaps thrice ocular rove in of through which of some to dream of it non-fathom suck upon fragrant ash stretch out neither weight nor of before where flesh appears in dislocate in meat of substance never of to speech lack return of reclamation rotten fruit in gash of glint of where blade subside it to follow onward a listless extol of exigent fragrant nothing ever to return where to chemical utter blind no another as of which to collide with or which spasm crystalline nectar of whereby as if to spell it all out forget forgotte(n) from once which it came…


Michael Mc Aloran