Monday, March 9, 2020

Rus Khomutoff, Selected Work

Digital Composite from An Anonymous Source

I have once more become a passage,
a passage in time....
like an orangehex floating in the aftermath

Saint of circumstance

River of images,
river of memories
collated time
image of life attended by silence
tragedy & geometry of the impossible fire
disillusion, desire, memory, possibility, impossibility
77 strange sensations
pictures of sound, sphinx & archive
scissor host groove divided by zero
crossover ashtray navigation
legacy avowal spindrift
you are trying to understand something which
you cannot
emissary of light, red velvet corridor

Future reverse king

The day at war with the night
the spirit of awe
a new music is a new mind
keynote capabilities
hallow mirth synopsis into the hearse
felicific stanzas, sexes, seductions, extremes
paramount dispatches
thoughtfeel moonstar
dancing the wheel
inanimation of shimmering screens

Anthem of the heart
to D. Harlan Wilson

Exorcise the neoslave mediatrix of dead time
church of clarity cold breath
explicit audience zero
threshold scatter romancing the remains
pyramidhood ensnared by this plenum space
paragon cause of essential neosacrifice
the paradox to be discerned is the poison of course
sincere wine deathtainment
the intrinsic dire mad glory dopamine
agonist demolition heinitiation in the aeon of the child
cutting mouth domino wanderlust indigence
a universe cast from the shrapnel haunt of facts
the heart and soul of an impasse

Imminent connoisseur of heavens and abysses
to Jean Luc Godard

These are the days when anything goes
christ like capitulation
daggerplay cherub sly suspicion onto
chronic twilight foxrock demands
new beginnings
beneath the gravity kill supreme soft cartel
a black menace
gestalt wicked rainbow benediction
these violent delights
in the nameless city of waiting eyes
a fossil of unreason
the sprawl of new immaterialities, interruptions
ruin, allegory, melancholy
annhialating the real 
venus impossible fathom lines
of a mystery front
flux, disruption and emergence
the future is a wound
heavenpunk of shadow's stillness

Impossible poison, erotic bird
to Omar Caceres

Try not to understand
impossible poison, erotic bird
immersed in your forever thing
a synchromystic voyage of death & divinity
who speaks
engrossing, selfsame, directionless karmic traces
the permissable anapests anywhere
glass mountain obscureendure voxx
purloined destiny in unusual extracts
obsession of the day
suppose the inevitable, incarcerated chaste


Sweet days of discipline imposing wilderness
memories are killing me my brother the wind,
nightflower noir name him opalescence escaping the prism
Everything just happens
fire & rain, earth & ember
paradise howl in memory of a feasible grace
saint erasure concrete oracles in touch with the more
chasm of unknowing transmuted by foundation
to disappear by an intensive voyage
harmony helminth original gravity overdrive
We watch as the future takes center stage
presenting an empty bliss beyond this world,
an enigma that shows its face in the night
horizon zero dawn, the provocative beat goes on
valence/discontinuity function piercing the second sky,
embodiment.time.camouflage ensemble mirage
and then we were somewhere else
phantom cards lost rolls America
beware of the barenness of this exclaim,
if you want a new reality you must let go
of the one that no longer serves you

—Rus Khomutoff