Monday, February 24, 2020

JD Nelson, Selected Work

tack tick is a ponk, image by Irene Koronas  

we ate the sheriff

the envelope vampires
the slurpee king

to poach the corner
we don’t need the deeds or seeds

layers of plant and plaid
the luke skywalker tree

the tiger hand of the callow earth
a grass clippings planet

the fighting sandwich
vs. the common ghost rinser

slinking light loaf was a word weeker

the robotic vole was a cloud impostor!

you know the gnome
the language was a feather to fool us

            remote fur to squab the presence

to want out of the box after ten days
might need feathers to fly

serious cheese and crackers for the horse
why, bat?

trick the sun tomorrow

goating greased was a halo of the earth art
the bigger word of the science faction dust

brighter colors to start a featherless brain
I need to see the ocean to do that

this text was a baby blanket tomorrow
the leather of micro sullivan and inflamed fishing

the pitt and penn of the offseason
the egg of special orders

to start a war with the good shrimp

for that rose in the water to glow
the cocker spaniel must be a dentist

I need a penny machine
and now for a walk

slither milk was a combined blue moog
so why are you a cake

the brain bright
one ton of answers

the bastion of cloud pants
the new octopus gland for sleeping

radio panther eclipse

a steak waffle is a crüe cut to stand here in the mirror
that old dot to explore that cranberry unit of the torque

chow duck was a hanger

                    period of shoe hum
                    the drawbridge toot

power through the book using lasers
hear me through the wall

wondering with the owls
is earth a spectral onion?

confounded to sleep in the butter

were you so something as a plaster in the bat forum

the denmark earth was a clipped song to france out the challenge
not wording it this way
           (too many suns in the sink)

that careful oink to let us know that the beans are done

wolf in the dark earth
            tack tick is a ponk

to warn of the corn

the sweet awesome is the rutch

this is the hammer of the old delight
the world is a new eye

back with lemons to fool the dragon

            false flea! false flea!

starting with a star
why not look for the fool in the dragon cupboard

—JD Nelson