Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Keegan Cook Finberg, excerpts from The Thought of Preservation

Sighting, image by Beth Holladay

To Enhance the Quality of Life in Germantown

salvaged curb stones
falsely impugn

the Floral detailing
Delightful rustic

galloping pony
You can use my back yard

My Understanding When We Moved to Germantown

o right to bear arms


This heat is

short hours

car looks
like new

Moving from Germantown to the Nations

I noticed it smelling like death
between 6th and 7th the other
day. Putting keys in aluminum foil,
in tin cans or microwaves have
been suggested to keep this
from happening.

metro police
it looks like a mobile
Command unit are on the scene
area is roped off and I believe

in a 1950’s Blonde Coffee Table
Cause crime seems to be getting worse
but a Great Escape on Charlotte
Id start with Great Escape.

this is a photo of my meat and three
we are all about melting in the house

—Keegan Cook Finberg