Monday, October 8, 2018

Mike Ferguson, Selected Work

De Polymathia Tractatio, image by Daniel Y. Harris


Processing blind data for a perfect night out. Going back, time-travel is coded in vowels and consonants. An emoji added to giggle solutions. Self-driving over a cliff in technical despair. Elucidation of selves in unambiguous diatribes / angst in the existential poetry of numbers calculated as soliloquy. Where functionality is massaged by control. Intimate questions asked from scans of average affections. How procedure terminates at the first and foremost result. One step beyond and it’s curtains. Emergence of computational self-harm. When that love of words becomes a longform communication.


Knowing a keyboard like the back of a digital strand. With this instant speed we were there just before the catastrophe. Dearest prudence. In the blink of an AI. Anticipating the grammatology of a future shift, when Derrida lectured in French I thought it was his speaking that clouded my understanding. In the now time of accidental disaster we are plugged into its circuitry. How the Rhetoric of Digits is not a gesture from the hand. Participatory practices may require wind and sun and waves when the other powers are cut. I have escaped that theatre to regain control over sum of these words.


In the sonnet of this future there are at least 2 x 7 definitions of our demise in the yin yang of hanging on. Epistemologically speaking, the terminology will be back. Despite my confirmation in Dreifaltigkeitskirche Worms, what I do understand is how at our core there is still no God. It will be the most existential surge protection. When we are all members of The Agency, at what point is being enmeshed our evolution? Beckett has already given a voice to the physically disconnected mouth. And I have no more human words for this triumvirate of beginnings.

—Mike Ferguson