Sunday, September 2, 2018

David Alpaugh, THREW…/MATTER…

Snake Eyes, Internet Image 

Fortune’s Finishing Touch
Fini, c’est fini, ça va finir, ça va peut-être finir.

Samuel Beckett, Fin de Partie


99 double titles down an elliptical staircase.
Picked ’em up—willy-nilly—to baptize my
book in the blood of random order.  Chance
puts this poem on page 98. I’d’ve put it on 2.
Unintended consequences happened when I

Threw. All I meant to do was slay The Decider.
But, choral director gone, can there be a choir?
Drifting down your stare, with chaos in the air,
go my snake eyes—and, like dice, they scatter.
I’m thru.... What say you? Do chance thoughts


—David Alpaugh