Friday, January 5, 2018

Serena Mayer, Fragments

Frags, image by Irene Koronas 



   and the Spanish cities
and Moscow, I've also been
      Leningrad too, at the
           was a stowaway
   atmosphere, so I got
      , not as a profession,
    illustrate my ideas.
                    , I should not
       Debord does. I should
  talks about ambiance and
               , it is an abstract
          it is to visualise and
from the models I had
            and put people
   . And finally, paintings.


          , but what can I do
depends on absence
     index finger on his head
  , the printed gloss
a sort of assault
        dedicated to mother.
   , opening night
         a reputation
    times still are, best
            You must be
 to slake your thirst
          . An inviting place
     , strive to remember
    old heathen stuff
       the variety of ghosts.


       posthumous calling cards
  the mewling mass and mask
      , urgent renewal
          . However, the anonymity
    concept of completeness
        , directly through the wall
    a symbol of the links
       ceremonies and rituals.
    project unrealised
            Not in a single direction
      the basis of difference.
    I was furious. Crazy people
          amok with teaspoons.
   cover pictures reassembled.
      , slippage between texts


 alive or dead, and
          , had set; too late
  the wheels of the angel
        didn't work.
     first person advance
         style heralds change
to hold it in. Chanting again
        symbolic paternal
  between appropriation,
       failures of capitalism.
              left alone. Fascination
   . In keeping with previous
            sailing on, even across
  would never sense that.
               Written but not
     lost in abstract questions.
          , built on memory


          fabricated history
   the flute in ancient
      four children, two sons
twist your head to love
       more is heard of them.
   , music so much.
        any way capture
   they don't like shots
    I was a many, this might
        between himself and other,
a cigarette, then while
          attraction then repulsion,
      : whispering on easy street
  skill finds its target
   too many spaces blank.
        , handwritten names
       paranoid workouts, a
   interesting jobs, lost
      , supported both of
  work by the astonishing.
      Become more and
          ruins now unassuming
    , and a poem of mine
            an aversion to guilt
     time of the day. And
         raptor's eyes, admiring


    claws in the sphere
  he really had. The boat
      rocks, till it seemed
media informations
  a subterranean perspective
      their reply tomorrow.
 interventions can stop
      of their dead.
           , demonstrations
   red and murmured
        transform or follow
  invents other, because
       the dangerous zone.
inconvenient flow of time,
           those that flit from
   converging causes.
more sense for each
     You can't see all
         is a miracle? I ask
documentary about them
         up perspective
  not knowing where to look,
     arrive from every shore.

—Serena Mayer