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Michael Mc Aloran, 4 prose poetics

untitled, image by Michael Mc Aloran,
acrylic on unprimed canvas, 102 x 155 cm.

4 prose poetics

…it ends as it does not wish to have ever had/ commences then out or not what matter/ dries eyed spurious metals a vibrant bloody welt asking of some none till follow long shadow fallen/ it says yet lacks all sound/ rent flesh in scum divisive edge guttered night abort of fragrant none of it about/ or else what else not a trace to be seem/ seen/ strips bare nothing no no matter if/ in-lacerate of/ dried blood nothing drag of irrepent a drag of spinal affluence some solace climb to dream of exigent given to taste/ what wind/ make it nothing less than brutal/ not/ scarce rot/ drag of lights permeating skin in a drift pierce as one locks baited silence hovering in within not taken for less or more taste of saturate attrition/ lock in/ vibrating what stone said yes/ eye abacus/ brute flesh carving out into endless night what matter/ absence of/ strips shut down/ collision purpose scattered remnants nothing of/ till bite what ask/ prayers from depth departed sunk dead sudden/ collapse unto thine ashes/ a lung/ fibrous oxidate climbing transparent space elective drain what stun lack trace abortive none of lack displaced exile/ in seek sun lights broken valves of having sought through laughter long given to expire/ skeletal/ traceless of eye what matter closed fingers fist shattered glass impenetrable sudden reject of/ biting down upon bared knuckles echo-echo senseless acclimatized/ bedamned/ there has been/ nothing crimson pace effortless alongside till vacant light marks accord what spasm senseless sense/ trace of non-percept/ glimmer-deep/ in deep/ what well of liquid night of endless blood/ in-dream spits shards of glass into/ fissure semblant what/ it asks what spun till colourless demise/ as if to say in murmur desert hyenic minced no solace it/ cold close till return of laughter from some black origin unfounded/ lapse climb reductive/ speaks of dead cold harrow priceless/ aches just a/ not one/ forgotten dream pageant nothing no it closure/ as if to say that in/ closure fist not a mark to remain/ settles to fall/ peels away skinned lights broken aspirate not a trace of/ broke stone laugh there is/ expels breath as of shit bile vomit no breath for tomorrow/ (I/ eye laughterling)/ conjoined silences/ devouring words what frenzy to become…

…lungs outstretched some bitter barb a stripped eye basking in sun lights/ alone is to best respite taken from onset’s winds/ nothing that cannot be outstretched wings till die what once/ ragged jaw out of some out-pulse regardless fathom never spoken till clad stone break reflect cascade/ it-eye-what no more till barricade stripped bare in spurious silences/ spat out some final tongue into dissipating gait left trace of not a nor of in if no matter nothing says finalize it/ night’s fissure scarlet taste a diseased sky endless to touch beyond/ working bone against bone as if to say that nothing left demarcated stripped of tangents dry ice colours blending with tears given to unto some effortless demise/ it or other/ it what/ nothing more/ having burned all winds/ these burning winds deduced bone from out of faculty headless desire a given trace of some beyond forget it/ as one passes through another nothing there as if to/ broke stone fingers trace benign absence a dissipating smoke/ as if to/ having been no not for wastage not a/ clamour of dead light stripping the carcass of final tears lap them up for/ saken/ for no not a trace of there it all lies in pit tryst skull-depth snap-snap it is a lie/ mercury eyelids covering sight(less)/ here what collide what spun hilt dread laughter long as hollow/ not a/ strips violent teeth a mockery of being nothing beckoning in nothing’s claim/ it-spun/ eyes roll back in opiate lights/ not a trace of sky when sky is mind alone yet not a trace/ spoken of yet better departures given when lock is steel what driven else forget/ it is I-lie/ distances flung out into foreign realms/ no trace to touch/ what of/ none of it throughout/ a downward spiral staircase of diseased longing smeared with bloody excrement/ reek/ no end in sight taken from above/ no light by which to guide/ atrophic words cascading from fleshed devourment/ nowhere left some nothing left to run aground/ where vocal chalice mocked by nothing claims what dim I-lack/ sunk white/ lights out…

…ever of still-chase broke-spun lack until of measure/ gifting of eye what purpose flesh a wrang of meat a colossus breath still-born edges/ as of/ forget-me-knots shackled nonchalant skull deep what water winter water’s edge/ steps to blood measurement distance haven cleft one singular purpose not a/ it still distillation breaking forth relapse of climb none from out of which to parry disclosed all night disclosed/ crack what stone effigies detritus wastage of bone steel laughter prevaricate/ fucked frozen eye reclaimed stillness from which to escapade writ in lines cast by a windless full of blood/ it I-lie never once of trace desire nothing captured given unto causality driven terse/ etc./ eye-lack sudden to expire given of reject of purpose nothing left to trace where nothing was or if abounding/ ragged then in terse closed doorway in or out of/ nothing ventured nothing eye alone roving in said dark what dark/ blind arc ice to follow on from given unto gesture/ dead all what some circus apathy/ dressage what will some stench of sickness given from retreat/ onward no/ flails off lack of purpose of desire/ it we fallen/ drag/ yes another drag another bone/ another broke stone nothing amber-lighted/ shadows shed across echoing out no nothing into which given to having forgotten from the outset of what if or/ dead we along/ scattered what longing gild of appetite an outstretched palm/ scum pageantry/ isolate in terse/ with we what if collective no nothing to obtruse skin of toothen walls no sense for tomorrow/ it is/ what is/ out of or other than/ dense die what collapse in cracked eye promise/ I-cannot/ what is of or in not a trace given to lack in dream sarcophagus collapse/ expired endless/ given to/ accord/ what sense then under-sensed beneath/ callous under-climate parasite/ blood-shot in bite of recollect/ deduced from bones what given traces/ it of/ what of/ not a/ in-dreaming posit of some lack what given violence/ aspen/ cold bait that once/ twice/ thrice/ echo-dim falling to earthen what spine no solace never to/ return…

…cease lest less fathom of/ in eye’s disclosure given to fathom no not an instance/ so seeks the glad tide flowing blood-like roomed and yet leaving no trace of tomorrow’s pageant/ still yet/ given to from promise spectral/ broke stone dim clad what from given taste fallen ocular forgive it cannot forgive/ lung all hours of the sun’s diameter unshod/ bones raking up the dead leaves/ we solace climb what of it nowhere left yet never hanging in visceral of oak-bound lack/ what is known and unknowable/ traceless again as if to passage not a/ spoken of less/ broiling in the waters of/ flightless soundless waste/ arcing spectrally as if to utter no nothing forage no/ alone/ eye spit loggerheaded cracking the skyline/ this what once/ whatever if none speech what be in drought’s abandon/ rooms gouged out carcasses/ some rot/ steel perhaps unburnished/ none from which to gather these bankrupt hours/ ever breathless ever faltering in shadowings/ given to be unspeaking rhetoric/ I-lung/ as once was/ lightless/ darkles/ an empty falter given to expire/ all doors slamming shut all forget-me-nots/ scattered shrapnel/ and the empty disclosure of final unknown/ in rat din air’s collision splice of some unmade mark what have you/ excised by colour me this/ haven of the unsensed dispersal blind-white ocular roving in utter nothing left unto/stretched from catascope one foot then the utterance onward claiming back-shadow allwhile dense acclimatized bleeding out/ as if to echo/ not a/ if then of of splendor thankless to reclaim where none is the given pulse and X. is the shadow’s teeth grazing upon time’s useless pummeling/ thankless from outset’s climate/ churn of dead space how the laughter died/ yet still yet/ as of yet/ not a trace/not a hope/ not a fucking chance from the outset/ glimmering yes yet what of it some wreckage solace prism head devoured in moon-struck light/ sheets as of crumpled swans cast unto evacuated rooms/  not a trace of desire/ blood stains/ not a… 

—Michael Mc Aloran

Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). He grew up in Co. Clare. He is the author of a number of collections of poetry, prose poetry, poetic aphorisms and prose, most notably Attributes, (Desperanto, NY, 2011), The Non Herein & Of Dead Silences (Lapwing Publications, 2011/ 2013), Of the Nothing Of, The Zero Eye, The Bled Sun, In Damage Seasons, (Oneiros Books (U.K)--2013/ 14); Code #4 Texts, a collaboration with the Dutch poet, Aad de Gids, was also published in 2014 by Oneiros. He was also the editor/ creator of the Bone Orchard Poetry zine, & edited for Oneiros Books (U.K 2013/ 2014). A further collection, Un-Sight/ Un-Sound (delirium X.), was published by gnOme books (NY, 2014); and EchoNone & Of Dissipating Traces were also released 2015 by Oneiros Books. breath(en) flux, a chapbook, was released in 2016 by Hesterglock Press. Black Editions Press also published in absentia & In Arena Night in 2016. 

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