Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sarah Alice Cave, Rupture and and ocean. Rupert and and ocean

The Temptation of Saint Cement (Remix), image by Daniel Y. Harris

Rupture and and ocean. Rupert and and ocean

is stationary substitute for metaphor
arriving from chaos
this is art science/silence
            time example
a DIY modernism of post-destruction

traces of splicing a house. very Loydell

all this art
provides mirror

of cobbled pop culture
visitors conjoin
conceptual art with dawn

Art is… something
something is everything else
everything else is art
aesthetics, detached world. facade 

silence modernism!

the SEPARATION of the Everyday is We and the Corrugated torn
traces of the nothing from old
lines of sound rupture
                             much is found

Rupert’s materials resonate

Everyday is cut-up units. Dangerous
we challenge new workspace constraints
names unable landscapes unglued glitch

mad artist feeds
mice in drawers          who misuse art  

Chance Rupert is physical flow from sound metal? free question

this is
this is 

dedicated to the beats

—Sarah Alice Cave