Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Migraine Conference, image by Allen Fisher



where meaning rockets

            an interacting dimension

burns any credible liquid

            or reveals a tunnel in the process

asks how does this mean


exhibits a suppressed

            non-trivial power-law

we observe perfect transparency at a resonant level

            embedded in the interactions of who ‘we’ might be

a width that tends to zero

            ‘dissolvesindividual opinions

replaces any collective hope

            in a cluster of plasmons

glued to the social dialectic

            the prison system

what affinity

            to the ripples on the surface

from a raindrop on a pond

            tunnels a barrier between liquids

the philologists replace resonant levels

            with a double-barrel quantum structure

resonance peaks with perfect conductance

            full transparency

a vanish of infinite lifetimes at zero temperature

            real nonlinear interactions don’t it

between individual poverty and political will

            where meaning rockets

—Allen Fisher

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