Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sheila Murphy, Summer Sequence

Monterosa, image by Sheila Murphy 

Summer Sequence

birds, bees, beeswax
copacetic hammock swing
leaves as flutter tongues

* * *

innocence lapping
and receding with soft grace
ground hog daylight

* * *

one-time contralto
city scapular restraint
a run on whole tones

* * *

he speaks adverbs
fluently despite small nouns
polished au naturel

* * *

Elmer and Ione
a clarinet plus casket
tears and gentle rain

—Sheila Murphy

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The Edge of Forever, image by AC Evans 


As gold sunk in filth will not lose its beauty
So, in England, in August and early September,
You must render flesh to flesh and forbidden
Elements of which little is known.
At the Edge of Forever,
Circular currents, including Scylla and Charybdis,
Are dangerous for ships, even in calm weather,
Especially if you think depravity is the way of salvation,
A Whispering Gallery where cards are shuffled
With gestures both natural and effective.
The world may have to wait…

Meanwhile, we shall begin: salt layers are deposited,
Consciousness recovered, the forest submerged
In the southernmost and deepest channel we can find.
I was struck by the obvious pseudepigraphy of
All the Patristic texts, especially this one.
Here, we decided, is the origin of oblivion,
A steel-plated lawsuit lasting thirty thousand years,
Extended and rearranged through inner illumination.

Conclusions as to the nature of insularity have
Since been proved incorrect.
Depreciating the Cosmos and anything else,
They crossed the North Sea
And finally reached the coast of Russian Lapland
To discover the wrecked ships and
The dead bodies of the crews,
Together with the Commander’s journal
And a map of The Submerged Forest,
In the mouth of the River Dvina, in the White Sea.
This forest was very large and covered the
Surface of the entire known world,
Elaborated beyond the Edge of Forever,
Creating its own matter in the Void.

Spirit is transformed by knowledge, the ratio
Of rare phenomena observed in cloud chambers
Where particles originate.
Survivor of a battle at the ancient capital of Wessex,
At the confluence of Nadder and Wylye,
He later conducted experiments of this type
To save the illegible name
And the angels surrounding the Virgin,
The male-female prototype of turbulence and diffusion.

Cyclonic curvature is obtained by stealth,
By killing The Stranger in Eternity.
Momentum is destroyed by the metaphor of sleep.
Vertical velocity requires union with succubae,
Mainly as result of interrogation
and heretical ideas of salvation: notorious apostasy,
Relief from the pervading gloom, from
The alarming appearance of the iron wall of annihilation.

—AC Evans

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homunculus Alphonse Canard, Icons

Altered Holy Personas, 
image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

Psychic Surgery,
image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

Love On The Mind,
image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

Orbital Christ,
image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

Mutant Mother With Tumors,
image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

Projections From 1460,
image by Homunculus Alphonse Canard 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rupert M. Loydell, Sick Leave Diptych, #1-#5

Sick Leave Diptych, #1 

Sick Leave Diptych, #2 

Sick Leave Diptych, #3 

Sick Leave Diptych, #4 

Sick Leave Diptych, #5

—Rupert M. Loydell

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fusiform Gyrus, Cento for Vesta

Resembling a Cock Vesta, image by Irene Koronas   

Cento for Vesta

(remix of Keats’ Endymion, book IV, lines 650-720; Miller's Tropic of Cancer pp. 9-11, Shakespeare's Sonnets, Verse 23 and Graves’ Caligula)   

Mossy phantasm 
volcano light 
enough to see
let my looks be 
the eloquence 
the monstrous 
swell of 
pure elysium
gnarled rotten 
resembling a cock
in perfect seizure
only gods are
privileged to
behold one another
wormiest wonder
with fiddle-string


—Fusiform Gyrus

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mark Young, Ten geographies

Six Deformations, image by Irene Koronas 

Ten geographies

Arnhem Land

Modern Living &
The Ancient Way of

Life is a boutique fund
manager focused on

delivering long white
sandy beaches & azure

waters to researchers
tracking feral cats.



                    Grain orientation
                                in electrodeposited
               nickel is a type of
                       comb added by bees
                to prevent most
                                     mediated plastic



A low level plat-
form & a spartan
waiting shed were
funded by the

to help the war
effort. He looked
at his watch &

noted the time.
Span class="cap-
tion-caption." The
bridge collapsed.


Rhode Island

          A woodcutter & a
                 priest have just
                    played to a half-full
                    tent with their songs
                 about the crybabyblue
          color of fibrillation.


Walvis Bay

Sodium bicarbonate,
when strapped to a

pallet ready for your
shipper to pick up, is

sometimes miscast as
a literature-sharing

platform but, for
choreographers, is

always a reminder
of their mortality.


Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

                      I enjoy going
                bowling, trying to lose
                         those vanity pounds
                                 highly respected
                 within the genomes
                        of cassava cultivars.



Street lamps were already
switched off. Queues
formed to buy either cook-
ing oil or some random

compensation lawyer. In
the 1970s crisis, a strong
sense of teamwork was
not an easy pill to swallow.



                       Gambling addicts tend
                 to be shorter than
                              sea bass, have narrow &
                   short pineal stalks to
                          assist in pattern recog-
             nition or the use of simple
                         algebra. Even the Japanese
                     will not eat them raw.



                         A Marine holds an
                       umbrella on the famous
               medieval religious pilgrimage
                          to Santiago de Compostela.

                    Very nuts-&-bolts.

                  He might not look as pretty
                          as Beckham, but he can play
                    football. His services include 
                      all aspects of waxing & tinting.



She wore out
the rubber, then
hit a motorcycle
with separate hot &
cold taps. It was like
emptying a pebble from a
shoe. This is a ball park estimate
but the assumption that the sheep are
neither pregnant nor lactating means that
having a robust & attractive website is para-

—Mark Young

Mark Young's most recent books are Ley Lines & bricolage, both from gradient books of Finland, The Chorus of the Sphinxes, from Moria Books in Chicago, & some more strange meteorites, from Meritage & i.e. Press, California / New York.

A chapbook, a few geographies, of some other poems in this ongoing series was recently released in a handmade limited edition by One Sentence Poems.